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Alexandros Martakis

Greetings, I’m Alexandros, and this is your invitation to my coffee haven. The essence of this blog is simple yet profound: to craft the best in-depth, fact-checked articles on every facet of coffee. Expect a rich blend of recipes, guides, and reviews.

About Me

I’m Alexandros Martakis, the proud owner of, a brand dedicated to designing and selling artisanal aprons for professionals across the globe.

Before embarking on my entrepreneurial journey with Ruste, I indulged another passion of mine – the world of coffee!

With a solid background of 8 years in the coffee industry, I honed my skills at Accademia del Caffè Espresso for four years. During this period, I stepped into the role of a trainer for two of those years, delving into various facets of coffee, such as roasting, cupping, and sensory analysis.

My time as a trainer at Caffe Academia equipped me with in-depth knowledge of the intricate technology and processes behind producing exceptional coffee, with a particular focus on education and knowledge transfer.

Building on this foundation, I spent an additional four years at  La Marzocco, situated in Florence, Italy. Here, I contributed to the production of professional espresso machines and underwent specialized training in roasting technology and processes.

Fueled by a deep passion for coffee and a desire to share my educational experiences, I’ve dedicated a portion of my free time to crafting this blog. The aim is simple – to offer readers a comprehensive and insightful resource on coffee, covering every nuance with precision and enthusiasm.

Why This Blog?

Launched in 2024, this blog transcends the conventional article collection. It’s a dynamic platform where I aspire to craft comprehensive and detailed guides encompassing every facet of coffee – from its origins and history to the intricacies of equipment.

In a digital landscape brimming with misinformation and incomplete insights, the mission here is clear – to create the ultimate coffee guide, ensuring accuracy and a thorough approach to each detail.

Throughout the blog’s journey, we’ll traverse the global landscape of coffee production, delving into different regions, coffee varieties, cultivation methods, and the climate’s impact on bean quality. From classic espresso to emerging trends like filter coffee and aeropress, we’ll explore diverse coffee preparation techniques.

Moreover, we’ll dive into the realm of coffee equipment, demystifying the function of each machine and tool. I’ll guide you on choosing the right equipment for your needs and maintaining it to savor the finest coffee consistently.

In essence, this blog serves as a comprehensive biography for coffee aficionados seeking precision, knowledge, and an immersive experience in the rich world of coffee.

Join the Conversation

Your thoughts and opinions matter to me. Don’t hesitate to connect through comments or, even better, drop me an email at [email protected].


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