INTRODUCTION These terms define the terms of purchasing products through the website www.ruste.gr, as well as the terms of its visitation. Before using this website, you are encouraged to read both these terms and the terms regarding the cookie policy and the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy. By using this online store and website, the user accepts these terms, agrees to them, and undertakes to abide by them. Otherwise, the user is advised not to use the website and the online store. All the above terms may be modified at any time by Ruste A.E. (hereinafter the company), and for this reason, users are encouraged to read them carefully every time they use the website and its services.

COLLECTION OF INFORMATION AND DATA FROM VISIT AND USE OF THE WEBSITE The information or personal data provided by the user is subject to processing based on the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy. By using this website, the user gives consent for the processing of such information and data, declaring that all the information and details provided are true and accurate. For more details regarding data collection and processing, the user is required to carefully read the company’s privacy and personal data protection policy.

PROVISION OF ACCURATE INFORMATION BY THE VISITOR-USER OF THE WEBSITE AND THE ONLINE STORE Any user-consumer of the website is obligated to make proper use of it by submitting accurate orders and providing true and accurate details. In a different case, and provided that the company becomes aware of any fraudulent behavior by the user, the company may immediately cancel the order. If the user does not provide all the required information as specified each time, the company will not be able to proceed with the order. Finally, by submitting the order, the user guarantees that they are at least 18 years old and have legal capacity to enter into binding contracts.

CONTRACT FORMATION AND AVAILABILITY-DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTS The sales contract between the company and the user of the online store is considered formed according to the terms below. Specifically, upon completion of all necessary steps for placing an order, a confirmation email will be sent indicating acceptance or processing of the order, or a message stating that we have received your order. This message should not, under any circumstances, be considered by the user as the formation of the contract. Once the company processes the order and is able to fulfill it, a new message confirming the shipment of the order will be sent to the user. Only then is the contract considered formed. If the user is charged for an order that was not finally contracted, according to the company’s statements, the amount will be refunded to the user according to the refund chapter. It is self-evident that, in the case where the user chooses cash on delivery as the payment method, the contract is considered formed exclusively and only with the payment of the amount to the respective courier by the user.

The products for sale displayed on the online store are exclusively those products available in the company’s warehouse. The company is not responsible for any products that appear available on the online store but, for any reason, were not actually available. It is self-evident that in the case where the user is charged for an order and the product is not available, the amount will be refunded to the user according to the provisions of the refund chapter. Also, the company may, at its absolute discretion, remove any product it desires, even if a confirmation message of the order has been sent. It is self-evident that the company bears no responsibility for the above action, except for the refund of the amount it may have received for the removed product from the user. Also, the company retains the exclusive right to reject any order for any reason without incurring any liability other than the refund of the amount possibly received for the rejected order. For the refund method, see the refund chapter below.

The product code and description are clearly stated separately for each item. The company bears no responsibility for any errors in the code or description. However, it is obliged to rectify the error promptly upon becoming aware of it.

ORDER PLACEMENT: The user can place an order (products selected and added to the shopping cart) in two ways:

  1. The first method involves registering as a user, providing detailed personal information.
  2. The second method allows the user to proceed as a guest, providing only essential information for order completion.

In both cases, explicit consent regarding the terms of use and the terms of Privacy and Personal Data Protection is a prerequisite.

Once the user has selected all desired products, added them to the shopping cart, the next step is to proceed with the order and payment. To do so, the user must follow the steps of the purchasing process, filling in or verifying the required information.

PAYMENT METHODS: Payment can be made:

a) Using credit, debit, and prepaid cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Discover, and via the electronic wallet Masterpass. Especially for credit and debit card payments, the user will be redirected to the secure environment of Alpha Bank for maximum security. It’s worth noting that the company does not acquire or retain any information about the payment card. The details are provided only in the secure environment of the bank, and users are urged to carefully read the terms related to this environment before entering their card details. The company bears no responsibility for any damage incurred by the user at this stage. Non-approval of payment by the card issuer does not create any liability for the company, as the agreement will be considered non-executed.

All card payments are processed through the electronic payment platform “Alpha e-Commerce” of Alpha Bank, utilizing TLS 1.2 encryption with a 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL). Encryption is a method of encoding information until it reaches the designated recipient, who can decode it using the appropriate key.

(b) Cash on Delivery (COD): This payment method is available for all countries worldwide. Payment will be made to the courier upon the user’s receipt of the package, with no extra charge (free shipping).


Upon completing your order, you will receive:

(a) A confirmation email acknowledging the receipt of your order from the company, and

(b) A shipping confirmation message as mentioned above.

Any orders placed until 12:00 PM Greece time, Monday to Friday, will be processed by the company on the same day, except in cases of force majeure. Orders beyond this time will be processed on the following day.

Shipping Costs:

Within Greece:

  • Free shipping for orders within Greece.
  • Delivery time: 2-8 business days.

Outside Greece (Cyprus):

  • Free shipping
  • Delivery time: 12-15 days.

In cases where the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal, cancellation, or replacement of the product, free shipping applies to every country and only on the first occurrence of exercising the aforementioned right. If the consumer exercises this right multiple times, they will bear both the shipping costs of returning the product to the company and the reshipping costs of the new product to the consumer. In this case, the consumer can choose the shipping company, taking responsibility for the shipment.

TRANSFER OF RISK – OWNERSHIP: The responsibility for the products and their ownership is transferred to the user upon delivery, provided that the complete payment of all required amounts has been made.


RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL – CANCELLATION: The user is entitled to withdraw from the contract without justification within an exclusive deadline of fourteen (14) calendar days from the day the user or a third party designated by the user received the product.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the user can either inform the company via email at [email protected] or send their request by mail to the company’s address, completing the relevant return form that will accompany the dispatched product. To withdraw in a timely manner, it is sufficient for the user to notify the company of the withdrawal (using one of the two methods mentioned above) within the 14-calendar day deadline.

RESULTS OF WITHDRAWAL – CANCELLATION – REFUND – PRODUCT REPLACEMENT: In the case of a legal withdrawal in accordance with the above, and after the company examines the returned product, it must refund the payment received from the user within 14 days from the day it was informed of the withdrawal. This refund relates to the product of withdrawal, excluding any additional delivery costs to the original place of delivery that may arise if the user has chosen a different delivery method from the basic and less expensive method offered by the company. The refund will be made using the same payment method used by the user for the original transaction. No refund can take place for products that have been specially processed for the specific user. The company may withhold the refund until it receives all the products back or receives evidence of their return. It is worth noting that the user must return the product in the condition it was received; otherwise, they are liable for any damage caused to it, resulting in a reduction of its value. If the user wishes to replace a product, this can only take place if it is available at the company’s warehouse at the given time, and the company is not liable for any unavailability or mistakenly indicated availability on its online store. In this case, the company must promptly inform the user and either refund the amount according to the above or propose a replacement with another product. The same conditions that apply to the refund of money (replacement within 14 calendar days, perfect condition of the product under return, examination by the company, etc.) apply to the replacement. Replacement cannot take place for products that have been specially processed for the specific user.

RETURNS OF FAULTY PRODUCTS: In the unlikely event that the user considers the received product to be faulty, they must either contact the company via email or by completing the special contact form and return the product. After the company receives the product, it must thoroughly examine it and promptly inform the user about the condition of the product and their rights, whether they concern a money refund or a replacement with another product depending on availability. The refund or replacement must be completed within 14 calendar days from the day the company sends an informative email to the user regarding the assessment of the faulty product. The refund will be made using the same method as the original payment during the purchase.

Disclaimer – Security

Before using this website, the user must carefully read all the terms of use and is strongly encouraged to use protection programs against malicious software attacks. In case of disagreement, the user is urged not to use it.

The company bears no responsibility for incorrect product orders by the user or their misuse, not adhering strictly to the provided instructions. In case of defects during production, the company’s liability is limited to either product replacement or a refund, as specified above.

The company is not responsible for any unavailability or delay in delivery due to force majeure, such as strikes, public health reasons, pandemics, lockdowns, extreme weather conditions, courier-related issues like accidents, inability to use public or private telecommunication networks, terrorist attacks or threats, war, acts, decrees, laws, regulations, or government restrictions, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic, or other natural disasters, malfunction of banking systems, etc.

Additionally, the company does not guarantee absolute browsing security on this website, and the content and quality of the provided services may not meet the needs, requirements, and expectations of users/visitors. Any direct, indirect, positive, or negative damages resulting from accessing this website or its use do not create liability for the company or its affiliates.

All payments made by card are processed through the “Alpha e-Commerce” electronic payment platform of Alpha Bank, using TLS 1.2 encryption with 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL).

The company is not liable for any damage arising from the use of this website by any user, related to its operation, even in cases of information loss or property damage possibly caused by malicious third-party interventions or system malfunctions. The company already takes measures to protect users, but these cannot guarantee absolute user protection. In case the user cannot accept this potential risk, they are strongly advised to leave this website immediately.

This website provides links or banners for the user’s convenience to connect to third-party websites. The company does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for the content, privacy policy, security policy, or terms of use of these third-party websites. The transition to these links is the exclusive right and responsibility of the user, with the company having no liability for any resulting damage.

Intellectual Property

This website and its content, including photos, clothing, logos, trademarks, etc., exclusively belong to the company and are protected by national and international intellectual and industrial property laws. Their use is expressly prohibited without the company’s or their legal owner’s prior written permission.

Personal Data

Regarding the personal data protection policy, please refer to the link “Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.”


For information on the cookie usage policy, please refer to the link “Cookies.”

Modification of Terms of Use – Applicable Law

The exclusive right to modify these terms belongs to the company, which can modify them whenever it deems appropriate. Before completing an order, the user must carefully read these terms for any modifications, as they are immediately applicable.

The interpretation and application of the above terms are governed by Greek and EU law, and any disputes arising are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the company’s headquarters.